What Is DeMIXER?

Demixer.com is an online tool for DJs, musicians, and hobbyists, that lets you quickly separate your music into vocal, drums, bass, and acapella stems. Our cloud-powered AI uses innovative audio separation and removal algorithms to separate your music, so you can create remixes, mash-ups, karaoke, or acapella versions of your tracks for a wide range of uses such as sampling, education, or practice.

Choose from a range of supported formats, listen to mixes online, and download your stems using credits that can be purchased from our site.

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Free Trial Track

Try a random preview snippet of your track, so you can hear the quality of our separations in advance.

  • Go to the HOMEPAGE
  • Click this button to UPLOAD A FILE (MP3/MP4/WAV/FLAC/M4A)
    Please upload high-quality files for the best results. The higher the quality of the file you upload, the higher the quality of the file you export.
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  • Wait for your file to be processed. You’ll be redirected to the web mixer
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  • On this screen, PRESS PLAY (bottom left corner) to listen to your track, you can also pause, stop, go back to the start or loop the track
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  • Try our WEB MIXER (left of the screen)
    You can adjust the levels or panning for each track as well as solo or mute a track.
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  • Get the FULL FREE VERSION of your trial track
    Click SIGN UP in the pop-up window
    Click SIGN UP at the bottom of the screen


Create an account to get the full FREE version of your trial track

  • ENTER YOUR DETAILS to set up an account (OR Link your Facebook/Google account)
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  • Don’t forget to tick the box for news & exclusive offers


  • DOWNLOAD a ZIP file containing the individual stems
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    MIX individual stems yourself using our web mixer for a custom mix
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  • From the mixer you can CLICK EXPORT
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  • CHOOSE WHAT TO EXPORT ‘Individual files’ OR ‘Your Mix’
  • Click DOWNLOAD and your files will automatically download to your device
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  • Navigate to MY TRACKS at the top of the page
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  • Click the BUY MORE button (you can see how many credits you currently have here)
  • CHOOSE A PACKAGE that suits your needs
  • Click BUY NOW and enter your payment details on the next screen
  • Your ACCOUNT WILL BE CREDITED and the number of tracks you bought will show up here
  • UPLOAD your tracks for mixing and exporting


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